Hero photograph
Photo by Jacinta Bell-Hegan

Environmental Awareness Week

Amelia Robertson - Manutaki Taiao —

During the 7th to 10th of June, MGC celebrated Environmental Awareness Week.

It was an action-packed week that included lunchtime activities of Bird Feeder making, recycled paper origami and watching the Lorax Movie. On top of this, our Enviro Thrift Shop team organised a Clothes Drive. Students could bring in any old clothes that will later be given a second life at our upcoming Thrift Shop, where students and teachers can buy affordable clothing.

On Wednesday we held a Whole School Clean-up during extended whānau time. It was rewarding to see so many students really getting involved during the clean-up and working together to create a better environment not only for our kura, but for our learning too. Many thanks to the Graeme Dingle Foundation for the Kiwi Mascot that definitely fitted into our motto of ‘Being a Tidy Kiwi”.

We finished off this successful week with a Mufti Day and a visit from the Falcon Trust. Their advocate falcon, Fern, was centre stage during lunchtime which built interest for many students. The proceeds $524.30 will go straight into the care and feeding their 22 karearea who, due to injuries, are unable to be released back into the wild, therefore are now in their breeding programme. The Falcon Trust also acknowledged that they are hugely grateful to the environmental team and to the pupils who kindly donated.