Mini Food Drive

Bella Strong —

My name is Bella Strong and l am in Mr Galt's year 9 'Dare to Lead’ class. For this class, we had to choose one of the Sustainable Development Goals and a world issue that we are hoping to create positive change for. My Sustainable Development goal is Poverty and I decided to organise a food drive to help people in our community.  As well as a collection at MGC, l did it with my old schools, Witherlea and Bohally Intermediate.

l received a lot of food donations between the three schools. The food drive was successful and the Marlborough Food Bank was extremely grateful for the support given.

The winners of MGC prizes, drawn by Mr. Galt, were: 

  • Ruby E Cook; 
  • Anna Crowe; and 
  • Ms Lineberry

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you for your support!