Finance Details

Marlborough Girls' College —

Our Finance team are always available to answer any questions or take payment from students or whānau. If you want to talk with somebody from the team, phone 520 8448 ext 886 or email on

The MGC Board of Trustees has opted into the $150 donation scheme offered by the Government for 2022. Therefore, we will not be asking parents/caregivers for donations to any curriculum or learning activities unless there is an overnight or take-home component (e.g. Year 10 camp or a garment made in Textiles).

Trips (Sports/Cultural/Other) - Extracurricular

While the cost of these is kept as low as possible, fundraising or parental contribution may be needed.

There are some key points to note:

  • Overnight trip/One Day trips – these must be paid in full at least one week prior to the departure (excluding holidays),

  • Signing the permission slip means that payment will be made,

  • If payment is not received in time, you will not be allowed to go on the trip.

Finance Office Contact Details and Hours


Phone: 520 8448 Extension 886

Parents/caregivers are welcome to call into the Finance Office anytime between 8.15am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Students can visit the Finance Office before school, at interval or lunch, or after school until 4 pm.