Marlborough Girls' College —

Please ensure we are aware of any medical condition or physical disability that could affect you at school.  

Your parent/caregiver can advise us of these so we can make sure correct first aid is administered in the case of an emergency. 

Sick Bay

If you’re feeling unwell or have had an injury, Sick Bay is located in the Resource Centre. You will need a note from your class teacher if you need to go to Sick Bay during class time. We will phone your parents/caregivers to make arrangements if you need to go home. For safety reasons, please do not use your own mobile phone to make arrangements to leave MGC grounds.


Your parents/caregivers need to let the school know of any medication you need to take during the school day. 

Any medication should be stored in the Resource Centre and clearly named and labelled. Personal medication is not to be shared with other students. 

You will administer the medication yourself and the Resource Centre will keep a record of this. The school is not responsible for checking that you have taken your medication.