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Elaine Curtis —

There are three bus systems that run at Massey High School. 

The first is run by the Ministry for students who live a specified distance from school. These buses are shared with Liston College and St Dominic's College. Students deemed as Eligible will receive temporary bus cards which they must replace with a Bus ID card costing $6 (payable as an extra cost to the Bursar). The Ministry buses are Bus 1-Bethells, Bus 2-Scenic Drive, Bus 3-Riverhead, Bus 7-Huapai, Bus 9-Muriwai , Bus 11-Taupaki and Bus 12-Wairere Road. Ineligible students can use these buses by buying Ritchies tickets from the Reception Office and cost $22 for 10 rides.

The second system is the Massey High School chartered buses which the school contracts from Ritchies. Tickets are bought from the Bursar at a cost of $28 for 10 rides. These buses are; Bus 5/6-Hobsonville Road/Luckens Road/West Harbour, Bus 8-Swanson, Bus 13-Waimaukau, Bus 100-Te Atatu Peninsula/Henderson and Bus 200-Ranui.

Finally, Bus 10-Moire Road/Colwill Road is run by Ritchies for Massey High School as a service run. Students buy a Ritchies concession card from the driver and it costs $23.10 for 10 rides. Students can also pay cash $2.60 per ride. It is the only cash bus.

Please ensure your child has the correct ticket or pass. 

No ticket/pass = no ride. 

If there are any problems or issues please contact Mrs Francis (x702) or Mrs Revell (x524).