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Award winners

Congratulations to the following students who won a Principal Award at our last assembly.

Room 1 - Shicheng Dai - For showing excellence in all areas of your work and being a kind and caring member of Room 1.  You always use your manners and you are such a great helper in the classroom.  Keep up the great work!

Room 2 - Jason Do - for working hard in guided reading groups.  You have put a lot of effort into improving your reading.  Well done.

Room 3 - Abe Savage - for showing great independence.  You are completing all learning tasks and showing respect to others.  Tino pai, keep it up!

Room 4 - Ryan Szeto - For making fantastic progress with his fraction knowledge.

Room 5 - Indiana Thomas - for a positive attitude to her learning especially when learning new things.

Room 6 - Luka Craig - for the effort you have been putting into your Reading.  You always pay attention to detail and look for ways to extend yourself.  Tino pai!

Room 7 - Nehal Shaik Mohammed - for showing great independence. You are a great role model for others in Room 7. Tino Pai!


Ella Brown - For being a kind and thoughtful member of The Lab, particularly going out of your way to help new class members.  Thank you!

Ganesh Arunkumar - For making a great start to Term 3, showing commitment to your learning and completing it to a high standard.  Keep it up!

Samuel Sloan-Coad - For showing great persistence in your learning and not giving up, particularly in your writing!  Keep it up!


Mātai Taptiklis - For making a great start to Term 3.  You have found where, when and how you work best in our new space.

Viraj Gandhi - For being a kind and thoughtful member of The Hub.  In particular helping out your group at technology.

Zachary Romijn - For showing leadership amongst your peers.  Tino Pai.