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Award winners

Congratulations to the following students who won a Principal Award at our last assembly.

Room 1 - Joshua Coughlan: For showing persistence and passion towards all areas of your learning, especially in reading and writing.  Tino Pai, keep up the great work!

Room 2 - Millie Agent: For your amazing attitude to learning and great work habits.  You set high goals for yourself and strive to reach them.  Well done!

Room 3 - Brooklyn Brown: For showing respect to everyone around you!  Tino pai keep it up.

Room 4 - Maddison Munroe: For a positive attitude towards her learning, especially in Mathematics and Writing.

Room 5 - Jordan Rapana: For a positive attitude to your learning - you are working hard in all areas.  Well done Jordan!

Room 6 - Lacey Thompson: For the hard work you have put into your Reading and Phonics. You are using your strategies to work out words you don’t know more independently.  Tino pai!

Room 7 - Isla Smith: For showing great self management and independence in class and always completing your work to a high standard.  Tino Pai!

Room 14 - Hollie Gabites: For showing great enthusiasm and having a positive attitude in all of your learning.  Well done Hollie!

Room 15 - Eli Perez-Peleti: You have shown enthusiasm with everything you have tried at school. Keep it up.  Tu meke Eli!


Aston Noble: For stepping outside your comfort zone and giving things a go, as well bringing your creative thinking into your learning tasks.  Keep it up!

Jackson Tipoki:  For demonstrating out of the box thinking and creativity in your learning and sharing this with others. Ka mau te wehi!

Sophia Berry: For taking on challenging learning tasks and giving everything a go.  We love your positive can do attitude!