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Shane Robinson —

2019 Classroom structure

This year has been another year of growth at Maungaraki School.  This growth along with our school wide vision and feedback from the community have played a large part in the school structure we will adopt for 2019.  As a School we believe in teachers and students supporting each other, collaborating with one another and working together.  This core belief has led to us creating four teams connected across two areas of the school.

In 2019 Maungaraki School will have four teams spread across two main areas of the school.  We will have a Junior and Senior School in 2019.  The Junior School will run from Year 0 to Year 3 and be led by Natalie Moore.  Two teams will operate within the Junior School - Kōwhai and Nikau. The Senior School will run from Year 4 - Year 8 and be led by Chris Cowman.  Two teams will operate within the Senior school - Totara and Kauri.

Our classrooms will also be renumbered going into 2019.  We have had additions to our school during the year and these will now be incorporated into our class numbering structure. 

New Appointments

Deputy Principal Appointment

We have appointed Caroline Wills to the Deputy Principal role at Maungaraki School.  Caroline has been Deputy Principal of Martinborough School for the last five years, the last year as Acting Principal 2 days a week (with the Principal working 2 days a week for their Community of Learning).  She brings strong experience with modern learning pedagogy and environments, developing future-focused curricula, and developing assessment and reporting frameworks.

Caroline will fill the role vacated by Jackie Sutherland at the end of last term.  Darian Schulz will continue in his role as Deputy Principal.

Teacher Appointments

We have also made four Teaching teaching appointments across the school. We are delighted to say we have secured high quality teachers for 2019.

We have appointed Lauren Fox to a Scale A position in the senior school. Lauren has been working in the senior school since June.  Lauren is well known in the community and enjoys building positive collaborative environments

We have appointed Valerie Archer to a Scale A position. Valerie is a new teacher who has just completed a very successful placement in Room 2 at Maungaraki School.

We have appointed Caeleen Wolmarans to a Scale A position. Caeleen is also a new teacher who has just completed a very successful placement in Room 5 at Maungaraki School.

We have appointed Ben Young. Ben is a New Zealand trained teacher who has been teaching over in the UK for the last two years.  He brings with him passions of music and ICT.

We have also appointed Kate Shirley to open up the roll growth classroom in term two when the need arises.  Kate is already a part of our team and has opened up our Term 4 roll growth classroom this year. Kate is an experienced teacher with excellent skills in the junior area.

I’m sure you will join me in welcoming our new staff for 2019.

Please see the attached document which has teacher placement and a classroom map for 2019

If you have any questions about this please contact me. 
Shane Robinson