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Sports Wrap Up 2020

What a crazy year it has been! We have been very lucky at Maungaraki School and many of our in-house and inter-school events went ahead as planned. Although many events were cancelled or postponed, we still had huge numbers representing Maungaraki in touch rugby, basketball, and netball, and record numbers attending zone events, notably the 7 athletes who qualified for Regional Athletics.

Some highlights of the year include our Year 5/6 cricket team playing against Kelson School, our Year 5/6 football team playing against Normandale and scoring two fantastic goals, the Year 7/8 Maungaraki Mustangs taking out their touch final and winning the top grade in Term 4, the Year 3/4's having an awesome day at the non-stop cricket festival, very successful Zone and Interzone Athletics days, and the Tipu Olympics, just to name a few.

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who supports sport at Maungaraki School - all of our students, coaches, teachers, staff, and supporters. Our teams and the events we attend wouldn't be possible without you, so all of the help we receive is very much appreciated. Thank you again, and we are looking forward to another fantastic year in 2021!

Have a safe and happy holiday!


Sports Academy 2020 was a difficult year for this group, among many others, but the Sports Academy will be running again in 2021 for Years 5-8 students who are keen sportspeople wanting to extend their knowledge and skills in this area. 

Our focus in this group is more about a deeper involvement in and understanding of sport. We will be looking to widen our sporting participation and aiming for two big events throughout the year. More information to come at the start of next year! Any students wanting to join the Sports Academy for 2021 should email a personal sports profile to Mrs Pollard-Smith and Mr Cowman. This could include previous sporting experience and achievements, reasons why you have a passion for sport, favourite sports, and what you would like to get out of being a member of the academy. 

For 2020 Sports Academy students, if you are not keen to continue, please let us know via email, otherwise you do not need to reapply and we will include you in the 2021 group. We'd love to have you back!


Our touch teams have had a fantastic Term 4 season! Well done to all of our players for their efforts this season. We love hearing about your passion for the sport and how well you are working within your teams.

Congratulations to the Year 7/8 Maungaraki Mustangs who won the Mixed Division 1 and the Year 5/6 Maungaraki Mavericks who came runners up in their Boys Division 1.

Thank you so much to our coaches and those who have been along each week to support the players. We're looking forward to the Term 1 season! Signmee notices will be going out very soon.

Congratulations to our award recipients this season.  Coaches selected their Most Valuable/Impressive Player and their Rookie of the Season/Most Improved player awards:

Maungaraki Mustangs - Year 7 & 8 mixed
Winners of the Year 7 & 8 Mixed Division 1, winning the final 13-3
MVP - Jake Turner
MIP - Jio Srisakot

Maungaraki Madness - Year 7 & 8 girls
MIP – Hana Aung
MVP – Casey Hurley

Maungaraki Mavericks - Year 5 & 6 boys
2nd place in the Year 5 & 6 Boys Division 1, only losing the final by way of drop-off (so 3 on 3, first to score a try wins!)
MIP – Zac Fiddis
MVP – Quinn Tipoki

Maungaraki Matrix - Year 5 & 6 mixed
MVP - Charlie Edhouse
MIP - Connor Caarels
Special mention to Josh Gough for his prolific try scoring and team play.

Maungaraki Magic - Year 5 & 6 girls
MVP - Madison Herapath
MIP - Rosa Evennett

Maungaraki Marvels - Year 5 & 6 girls
MIP – Olivia Turner
MVP – Maddison Munroe

Maungaraki Metros - Year 3 & 4 boys
Coming 3rd in the year 3 & 4 Boys Division 1
MVP - Noah Kleinveld
MIP - Joshua Coughlan

Maungaraki Mysterious - Year 3 & 4 mixed
Coming 2nd in the year 3 & 4 Mixed Division 2
MIP – Jackson Berry
MVP – Isaac Popple-Newth

Maungaraki Magnetics - Year 1 & 2
MVP - Liam Morris
MIP - Bella Eastergaard
Thanks also to Layne and Akira for joining the team halfway through the season and slotting in so well.

Maungaraki Miraculous - Year 1 & 2
MVP - Henry Hall
MIP - Hamish Kerr and Isa Rahman

Maungaraki Magnificent - Year 1 & 2
MVP - Matilda Evennett
MIP - Daniel Le Roux

Maungaraki Magnetics - Year 1 & 2
MIP – Tom Dutton
MVP – Josh Papps