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Alle Pollard-Smith —

Season wrap up & awards

Another basketball season is done and dusted! It wasn't quite the season we were expecting, but regardless, our teams did an amazing job and represented Maungaraki School with pride.

Thank you so much to all of our coaches for taking time out of their busy schedules to support our teams, and to parents and supporters for getting their children to games and being the best cheerleaders. We really appreciate it!

Here are a few blurbs from the final games:

Maungaraki Warriors (Yr 5/6)
We signed off the basketball season with a big win! Yay us. 18 – 0 over Dyer Street School. We had some great little achievements too, with both Tim and Tom scoring their first points of the season. So a big congrats to them both. Tim actually went away with the POD today as well. The double whammy for him. A very cool end to the season.

Maungaraki Mavericks (Yr 5/6)
The Mavericks had our last game tonight, finishing up with a good win by 22-4 against a Korokoro team. The Term 3 season saw the Mavericks winning 5 out of their 6 games, which is awesome.
Maungaraki Timberwolves (Yr 7/8)
A tough game with a 24-4 loss to HIBS who were a very good team but we were a bit off our game – player of the game was Michael who never stopped trying throughout the night.

MVPs and MIPs as awarded by our coaches:

Maungaraki Thunder (Yr 1/2)
MVP: Daniel Jones
MIP: Hamish Kerr
The Thunder had a great Term 3 season, winning all their games!

Maungaraki Heat (Yr 1/2)
MVP: Josh Weir – our top scorer for the year and always shows impressive skills
MIP: Lucas Tsou – amazing improvement in his skill level and showed great perseverance throughout the season

Maungaraki Ballers (Yr 3/4)
MVP: Brody Milburn
MIP: Miller Chan
After going up up from Grade C in Term 2 to Grade B in Term 3, the Ballers had a fantastic season. The boys showed a lot of determination and great team work, and the enjoyment was clear to see!

Maungaraki Hornets (Yr 3/4)
MVP: Mikaere Feakin
MIP: Alex Thomson

Maungaraki Bulls (Yr 5/6)
MVP: Isaac Popple-Newth
MIP: Jeffrey Zhou

Maungaraki Warriors (Yr 5/6)
MVP: Mackenzie Gwerder - Kenzie has been to all the practices and games. There were times something else took precedence over practice. But even then as soon as she finished she would come along, even if it was for ten minutes. She really led the way in games with her effort, always supporting her team and never putting herself ahead of others on the court. A team player who also improved in every aspect of the game as well.
MIP: Zac Fiddis - He has done so well with his all round game. He’s scored points and improved so much dribbling the ball. Close behind was Tom. But Zac gets the chocolates this time.

Maungaraki Mavericks (Yr 5/6)
MVP: Gus Counsell - he is a real workhouse on the court, bringing down rebounds, passing unselfishly and even setting screens! He has a really strong basketball IQ, which has helped in organizing the team and keeping them focused on the court.
MIP: Darius Engels - Darius is one that has really listened to the coaches this term, and tried to put everything we say to him on the court. He is always looking to get into space on attack or drop back to cover on defence.

Maungaraki Timberwolves (Yr 7/8)
MVP: Lachlan Meehan – constantly our best scorer and also a great team player as well
MIP: Madison Herapath – her improvement and increased self-belief over the year has been great to watch and she has become a very important member of the team.

Congratulations to all of our certificate recipients and to all of our teams on a great season!