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Kia ora,

Term 3 is coming to an end, and with the announcement that we are now in a new level of Covid management, we are looking forward to term 4 with optimism. We are especially excited to have our community back together. Please do feel free to pop in and see teachers and classrooms as you need to, we really are keen to get things back to our Maungaraki way. 

We do apologise for the delay to so many of our school wide events, we are hopeful that term 4 will allow us to come together more as a community. We are currently planning a Market Day in week 5 of Term 4 which will be an awesome chance for us all to get together and celebrate some of our learning.

As you will no doubt have noticed, our new building at the front of the school is progressing nicely. This multi-purpose building will provide us with some amazing opportunities when it opens. One section will house our brand new library and this will be a dedicated library during school time. Our library has been one of the places we have really missed as a school. It will provide options for our tamariki to study, spend time with each other in a quiet space and of course is a haven for our tamariki that love reading. It will also serve as a place where school groups can meet and work during the day, and it will of course be open to classrooms. The other element which we are excited about is the multi purpose space which has the ability to be separated from the library when needed. We anticipate it being used for school clubs, whānau hui and as a learning space. While not in use a door will slide back and this space will join the library space at key times to give us more room.

We are excited about the way we can use our new space during school time, however we are even more excited about what it may be used for outside of school hours. During school time these spaces are dedicated school spaces, however we are very keen to open them up to our wonderful community after hours. Our vision is to provide our community with a place which may meet some of their needs, whether that is a coding club after school, a community meeting at night or a wellbeing programme on the weekend - we are keen to see this space used by the community where possible. If we are able to we would love to have our Library open after school and on the weekends for our students and community. If you have any questions or ideas for this space once it is up and running please contact me, I am really interested in hearing how you see it being best used.

This week our Home and School have run a fantastic Glow Disco and a yummy Pizza Lunch. A huge thank you to our Home and School for all of the effort that goes into running these events and also to the families that supported these fundraisers. Our Home and School is an integral part of our school and your support is something we are very grateful for.

We do have a large collection of jackets and jerseys in the lost property. If you do have a chance and think you are missing something please swing by the office and have a look.

We look forward to seeing you all back next term.

Ngā Mihi Nui,
Shane Robinson