Hero photograph
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Maungaraki school —

Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th May

School photos are being held in week 4.  Orders can be placed AFTER photo day and we will let you know when ordering is open.

If you would like a Sibling photo, a request needs to be placed PRIOR to photo day by completing the Photo card and returning this to the office.  Only do this if you if you require a sibling photo. We have spare cards in the office if these get lost.

If you would like to include a child who does not attend Maungaraki School in a SIBLING PHOTO, you can bring them along to the hall, with their siblings, between 12:00pm - 12:30pm on Wednesday 25 May.

Here's how they will work:

Wednesday 25 May

  • Class Photos - all rooms except rooms 6, 7 & 9
  • Prefect Photo & Year 8 Leavers - wear your blue Intermediate t-shirt or Hoodie
  • Individual photos - these are taken for all children following their class photo on both days
  • Sibling photos - these are taken during the day following the class photo of the eldest sibling

Thursday 26 May

  • Class Photos - Room 6, 7 & 9 only
  • Sports Academy - wear your Intermediate t-shirt or Hoodie
  • Sports
    • Netball - wear your Netball tunic or singlet
    • Basketball - wear your Basketball singlet or orange t-shirt
    • Touch Rugby - wear your orange t-shirt
  • Teams will have time to change in to their sports uniforms prior to having a team photo.

Please contact the office ph: 5697205 or office@maungaraki.school.nz if you have any questions.