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Photo by Maungaraki School


Maungaraki School —

Award for some amazing children

We have amazing children at Maungaraki School.  They work hard and show our RIPPER values in a wide range of ways.  This week I would like to acknowledge an example of how wonderful our students are.

Viraj and Connor were walking home from school when they became aware of a young girl behind them looking lost.  The girl's was having her first day at our school and she had become lost on her way home.  The two boys asked who she was and if she needed any help.  Once they found out she did need help they used their expert problem solving skills.

The young girl wasn't sure where her street was but the boys knew they could help.  They found a free wifi spot and asked google maps to plot a course to her home.  They then attempted to ring her phone number and left a message for her Mum, saying she was safe and on the way home.  The boys then began escorting her home, all the way reassuring her that everything was going to be alright.

They were then spotted by our teachers who were out looking for the Year 5 student and she was reunited with her family.  What an awesome job these two boys did, we are so proud of them. They really showed what we love about our community and school.