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Maungaraki School —

Congratulations to the following students who won a Principals award at the last assembly.

Room 1 - Harper Edhouse: For showing excellence and perseverance with your reading and writing. Keep up the great work Harper!

Room 2 - Isaac Popple-Newth: Excellent improvement on your basic facts. Well done!

Room 3 - Dulcie Gunnell: For showing excellence and perseverance with your Reading and Writing. Tino Pai!! Keep up the great work Dulcie.

Room 4 - Dallas Ryan: For having a positive attitude towards his learning, and making great progress with his reading.

Room 5 - Hritika Panchal: For always having a positive attitude to learning and practising what she has learnt independently.

Room 6 - Jarrah Tansley: For the passion you are showing in Science.  That you are doing your own independent research and activities at home is ka rawe! Tino pai!

Room 7 - Lauren Cotton: For being a kind and inclusive student and always making others laugh.  You help make our classroom a great place to be.


Casey Hurley: For demonstrating outstanding independence with your learning and completing it to a high standard.  Tino pai!

Ava Kirk: For demonstrating persistence with your learning, especially reading where you have made great progress.  Ka mau te wehi!

William Chen: For showing great independence and self motivation in completing your weekly tasks.  Keep it up!


Irene Mas Estrada - For confidently sharing your learning with the class.

Anaru Wilson - For making choices in the classroom that support your learning goals.

Julia Church - For showing growth mindset towards all that you do.