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Photo by Maungaraki School


Shane Robinson —

The term is rolling on and we have Easter just around the corner

Hi Team Maungaraki,

Next week is an extra special week up here at Maungaraki School as we have our Goal Setting Meeting nights on Monday and Tuesday.  This is an excellent opportunity to come in and talk about what your children are working on at school.  We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Our students really have made the most of Term 1, working towards goals in and outside of the classroom.  I have been so pleased to see the way that students have set achievable yet challenging goals and I love talking to them about how they are sharing these with you. These past few weeks I have had so many wonderful chats with students about their learning.

One of these highlights happened this Tuesday.  While working in my office I became aware of a group of students learning to ride their bikes on the field.  They approached the activity with usual nerves associated with the task.  However as the morning progressed the sights out of my window changed.  From tentative first pedals, to huge smiles as they whizzed passed my window.

When I went out to see them the sense of achievement was palpable.  They had each persevered through a difficult experience but had come out with a new and wonderful skill.  They simply could not stop showing me what they could do. Their pride was infectious.

I hope you all have the chance to experience this sense of achievement next week when talking to your children about their learning goals.

Until next time, be your best.

No riera, kia kaha ra,
Nga Mihi Nui
Shane Robinson