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Changes to Athletics

Athletics will look different for Maungaraki School this year. We would usually hold a Year 4 - 8 athletics day around this time, however due to covid level 2 restrictions and the South West Zone and Interzone events being cancelled, we have decided to run smaller events in our syndicates. The Ferns held their event yesterday (see below for more details!), Kākano are holding their FUN DAY on Wednesday 17th November, Tipu will have their Tipu Olympics later in the term, and Koru have been working hard and celebrating their progress in their PE sessions.


The Fern Year 7&8 syndicate had their Athletics Day yesterday and the weather really turned it on for us! It was a fantastic event with all students participating in high jump, vortex, discus, and shot put, then either sprints or fun relays. It was awesome to see everyone getting stuck in and showing off the progress they have made with the athletics disciplines and techniques. Everyone was so positive and really challenged themselves to go as far or as high as possible. The teachers were very impressed at how the students performed and demonstrated the school HEART values from the get go. We had placings for those who opted to be competitive, and school value awards for our HEART groups.

Here are our award recipients for 2021 HEART Awards

Hauora: You worked hard to challenge yourself today and understood what you needed to succeed - Markus Engels, Imogen Ward, Kayla Williams, Mia Tuapawa-Spooner

Engaged: You participated fully in our event and gave everything a go - Gracyn Reid, Arja Newton-Hill, Maya Tasi, Lucia Hertanto

Active: You brought enthusiasm and energy to the event - Carlo Dougan, Kiara Mamatui, AJ Lodge-Chalmers, Michael Lyu

Relationships: You consistently interacted with your group in a positive way - Lachlan Brill, Jessica Zhou, Kelaiah Rahui-Lawton, Bryden Wallace

Teamwork: You were encouraging and supportive of everyone - Conor Church, Charli Newton-Hill, Toby Schulz, Nathan Rodwell

See attached document for the complete list of placings.