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Farewell Rebecca Renfrew & Whaea Kate

Sadly, to leave us this year are also some wonderful people - some have been here for just a short while, while others have been part of our community for a long time.  We farewell Whaea Kate and Rebecca Renfrew.

Whaea Kate's class is a fun and invigorating place for young learners to thrive in. She cares deeply for the welfare of students and this passion is clear to see in her interactions. We wish her all the best in your next step. Kates hard work and dedication were an important part of our Maungaraki School team. We join together in wishing you every success in all your future endeavours.  Thank you for all you have done here at Maungaraki School Kate!

Rebecca Renfrew has been a part of Maungaraki School for nearly ten years. Rebecca came here as a student teacher a long time ago, learning her craft from the wonderful Caroline Wardle.  Following this she was quickly snapped up as new teacher and has stayed here ever since. Rebecca is a wonderful person. Her smile and friendly nature have made her a huge hit with the community. Rebecca is as someone said over the past few weeks - part of the Maungaraki Furniture. When she announced that she was leaving it came as quite a shock to many, and this is a testament to who she is.  Rebecca has many special qualities. She is the glue that holds people together and she will long be remembered in the school and the community. Her kindness and care is something which our children, staff and families have loved.  Her next chapter in life is one of excitement. Rebecca is following a long held passion of hers. She has been a champion for sign language and people with hearing difficulties, often running our staff through sessions to educate us. All the best in your new role Rebecca.


We are pleased to announce that the final design for our playground has been accepted and is ready to be built. Our new playground is being installed over the summer holidays. 

Between the 18th January and the 27th January a team from Playground Creations will be busy working behind the build and play shed constructing our new play space. The great news is that when we come back to school the playground will be open for business.  Bring on the FUN!


Dear families, a big thank you for supporting our school library throughout this year.  The book fair was very successful despite the lockdown.  Your Scholastic orders have also made a big difference and enabled us to purchase some of your children's favourite books.  Thank you also to the families who donated books, they will be put to good use once our tamariki come back next year.  Wishing you all a merry Christmas.  

Mrs Long and Julz.  


We will have a drop in session just before school starts back for term 1.  This will allow families to drop off their stationery and meet the teacher before school starts back.  You are welcome to pop in to school between 1pm - 2pm on Wednesday 3 February 2021.