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Maundy Thursday

Methodist Mission Northern —

Splice is a part of Methodist Mission Northern. We try to express and live out our Christian faith in the inner-city of Auckland.

Our programmes include chess for adults and juniors, creative writing for adults and kids, teaching English and Chinese and showing and discussing films. The intention is to connect with people, to build relationships, friendship and trust. We then earn the right to share our faith.

And so on Maundy Thursday we had an outdoor communion in Freyberg Place in downtown Auckland. We invited everyone to join in and afterwards, ask questions, and discuss whatever they want. Of course, you have to prepare for the unexpected when you take faith out into a public square. But all good, God has it all in hand.

The Communion:

Me: "and this is the blood of ....

Dan (homeless guy comes up): "hi guys, gee, that looks nice - can I have a cup?

Me: [Thinking: ok, this isn't in the Directory of Worship......winging it ..] "Sure, this is plum and boysenberry tea - it is red, like the colour of blood - reminds us of Jesus, especially at Easter.

Dan: oh, hey, that is cool. Yeah, red, love the plum taste.

Me: Here, have a slice of bread too (breaking it) this reminds of Jesus' body getting beaten up.

Dan: whole grain - great, yeah that is super healthy. Tasty. Ta.

Me: Sure, hope you enjoy it.

Dan: Thanks heaps, my name is Dan.

Me: Please to meet you, Dan. I'm Stuart. This is our team from the Chinese Church (who had come to help)

Dan: Hi, guys, great to see you. Oh, sorry, hey, I think I'm interrupting.

Me: "No worries, Dan" (Thinking this communion service is now a total shambles)

Dan: "By the way, I was going to say bless you, but I can see you already are."

Me: (thinking): "Perfect. All good. No worries."

Stuart Vogel, Programme Coordinator, Splice