Hero photograph
Cyraul flips out on his trampoline

Welcome to November Kidz Korna

Doreen Lennox —

It hardly seems possible that ti will soon be the end of 2021. Yesterday I saw Christmas pies in the cake shop.

What have you been doing over the last few weeks of the latest Covid lockdown? Some of us have more restrictions than others and for those who are still not able to go to school it is much harder. 

The folk at Lindisfarne in Invercargill were asked to send their minister news  of how they had been spending the time. Cyraul sent a photo of him achieving a back flip on his trampoline. Trampolining is a great way of keeping fit as well as having fun. 

It is important that we keep busy and find thing we can do that are fun. 

It would be good to hear how you are doing church when you can't meet. At my church we are having Zoom services and the children are taking part reading the lessons. On Samoan White Sunday they sang, danced and Zoe read a short story she had written. 

You can click on the attachment below to read this months' book review and to print out the Word Search puzzle. 

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