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Doreen Lennox —

I hope everyone enjoyed their school holiday. During the holiday the children at Cambridge Union Parish celebrated Grandparents Sunday.

Before the service began everyone joined in singing children’s Christian songs. During the service the children performed an action song and their teacher told a story. One of the children read the intercessionary prayer and 12-year old Fungani helped to organise the service.

All the grandparents were so happy and are looking forward to another day in the future.

What special things do you do at church? Please let me know so I can share them with other children around the country.

Puzzle Corner

How Many

How many

a) Commandments did God give?

b) Sons did Joseph have?

c) Apostles did Jesus have?

d) Loaves were fed to the five thousand?

e) Chapters In the gospel of Mark?

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Book Review

Title: Nana in the City

Author & illustrator: Lauren Castillo

Publisher: Clarion Books

This award-winning picture book is great for both reading and sharing. A young boy, spending the night with his grandmother finds the noises and crowds in the city scary. Nana, however, has a solution and makes him a special cape that makes him feel brave. He soon sees that the noise and smells of the city are not scary at all, but wonderful.