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Stop Killer Robots


At the end of September Christian World Service joined others in presenting a petition to Phil Twyford, Minister of Disarmament and Arms Control.

The petition asks parliament to prohibit the development, production and use of lethal autonomous weapon systems also known as killer robots in Aotearoa New Zealand, and to support negotiations for a new treaty. 

CWS strongly opposes the development of these new forms of weapons which rely on artificial intelligence to determine targets.

In speaking at the presentation over Zoom, National Director Murray Overton said, “There are already too many ways to kill and maim people. Military expenditure is rising (last year US $1,981 billion or nearly US$2 trillion) and the international community has repeatedly proved itself unable to respond to increasingly complex conflicts. In supporting this petition, we ask our government to take immediate action against killer robots for Aotearoa, our Pacific neighbours and the world.” The petition is now before the Foreign Affairs and Trade Select Committee for consideration. More information about the campaign which is coordinated by Peace Movement Aotearoa, can be found at: www.stopkillerrobots.org.nz