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The Old House - Middleton Grange Homestead


The original Middleton Grange Homestead (commonly known as The Old House) was first built out of cob in 1855, with the rear building being added around 1878. At that time it was owned by Sir Charles Bowen who, whilst in government, introduced the 1877 Education Act, which established free, compulsory education in New Zealand.

Later one of the Bowen’s daughters was married to Robert Scott, the cousin of the Antarctic explorer Robin Falcon Scott. Scott, Earnest, Shackleton, and Wilson were guests here at Middleton.

Currently, the building is undergoing a roof replacement which is why you will note the scaffolding and wrap on parts of the building. Once completed the building will get a full exterior re-paint. This is a part of our ongoing building maintenance plan.

The building is listed as a Category 2 Historic Place.