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Room 13 Bread Baking


Room 13 recently had the opportunity to do some bread baking. Below are two stories from the class...

Bread Baking

Yesterday Room 13 made bread with Mr Thompson and Mrs Rin. First, we put in all the dry ingredients and warm water. We stirred it for about one minute and left it for ten minutes. We melted the butter, mixed it in and stirred some more.

After that we let it rest until the mix started bubbling with bubbles. Then we mixed in some salt and more flour. We kneaded it with our hands for ten minutes. We greased the tray, shaped our bread, and put it in the oven.

Last, but not least, we ate it! It tasted so scrumptious. There was marmite and jam and I had both on my piece.

I learnt that yeast, flour, sugar and warm water makes fermentation. I had so much fun! I can't wait to do it again at my own house.

Ruth Hayes

The Great Bread Bake

Yesterday Room 13 made bread with Mr Thompson and Mrs Rin. First, Elaine, Grace, Ruth and I mixed all the dry ingredients together: yeast, flour, and sugar. After that we put in some warm water. Yeast is very fussy about the right temperature. We melted some butter in the microwave and poured that in too, along with some flour and salt, and let it rest for 45 minutes.

Next, we added yet another cup of flour and kneaded it. It felt very sticky. We let it rest before shaping it. Shaping it was quite hard. By that stage it was smooth and a bit rubbery. We cooked it after that.

Last of all we got some margarine and jam and ate it. It was delicious - a bit sweet and a bit savoury. I learnt that when you put sugar, flour, and warm water in the yeast feeds on it and makes the bread rise. And that my friends, was the great bread bake!

Evie Brown