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Who We Are

Nirelle Armstrong —

During our unit on Who We Are, Year 3 have been learning how to create healthy relationships by looking after our own wellbeing and by relating well to others. In order to look after our own wellbeing, we have been using mindfulness to explore themes that help us to build resilience and look for the good things around us. We know that having a positive mindset helps us to face challenges when they arise. In learning about relating well to others, we have explored what makes a good friend and what makes a good team member. We learned that a big part of making friends is making connections with others.

We can make connections by finding things that we have in common and things that we are both interested in. Take a look below at some of the learning Year 3 has been doing. You will read about some of the connections children have been making with one another, posters and adverts for a good friend, and some photos of teamwork in action.

Claire said, "I connect with Charlie because we both like facts. I connect with Natalie because we both like cats."
Jain said, "I connect with Aroha because we both like art."
Naya said, "I connect with Jake because we both like [Rubix] cubes."
Martin said, "I connect with Stephanie because we both come from China. I connect with Marco because we both like soccer."