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YEAR 4 Trip Report

Danielle Nicholson —

Year 4 enjoyed their trip to Long Bay earlier this week. Attending this EOTC trip at the beginning of the year helps to strengthen class relationships, as well as allowing students to work with a range of their peers across two classes. We learned all about native New Zealand birds and trees, outdoor survival skills, and how to work together as a team. On this trip, students pitched tents, cooked sausages, learned safety practices when tramping and what to do if things go wrong in the bush. We learned about some of the vital skills for surviving in the outdoors and developed personal and social skills through a series of challenges.

During our hour-long nature walk we identified the Kauri, Pohutukawa and Nikau trees. Did you know that Nikau means 'no coconut'? Another interesting fact we learned is that Maori used to use our native flax to weave vests for warmth and protection.

We also listened out for indigenous birds, like the Kereru and the Tui. A cheeky fantail even made an appearance! Some of the outdoor survival skills we learned included how to pitch a tent, cook sausages on a gas stove, what to pack for a day hike, and how to build a stretcher using branches and jumpers.

At first putting up a tent seemed like it would be quite challenging, but by working together as a team, we were quickly able to figure it out. We were relaxing in the shade of our comfy tents in no time! Eating sausages we cooked ourselves was also a highlight and a yummy treat.

What a fantastic time we had! Many thanks to the parent volunteers who came along and helped out - without your support, trips like these wouldn't be possible. 

Please enjoy some of our student's draft writing recount of their experience, below.