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Year 6 Bubble of Fun!

Danielle Nicholson —

In Year 6, as a way of getting back into our distance learning, we thought it would be nice to share what we have been getting up to in our bubbles. Each class had Google Slides shared with them where we posted photos and captions of some of the fun activities we got up to over the holidays or in our bubble during lockdown.

We know that there are often days that feel repetitive and so we wanted to celebrate the things that brought smiles to our faces! We shared photos of us baking, cooking, knitting, sewing, playing sports with our whānau, going on picnics, going on hikes, drawing AMAZING pictures, making music, reading, completing puzzles, practising skills, skateboarding, crafting, making bracelets, playing on the trampoline, biking and all of the many other activities that bring us JOY. 

We hope that some of our images inspire you to try something new or to celebrate some of the 'fun' you might have had in these challenging times.

Keep up the wonderful online learning everyone and as always, be kind!