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Room 20's Collaborative Art

Grace Campbell —

Over the past three weeks, Room 20 have been working on a collaborative art piece to put on our wall. Our focus for the art piece was to support each other and work as a team.

After watching some clips from the movie 'Up' we created a colourful display by sketching our own balloon designs, in any shape, size or colour and using vivids and pastels to make them stand out. We then designed and sketched a house that was special to us.

We used white pastels to create some clouds on big sheets of paper and worked as a team to dye these sheets.

Finally came the assembly process - this was a BIG job! We decided on a layout and glued our balloons and houses to our display. We decided to add some wool to connect the houses to the balloons. We are very impressed with our artwork and it looks amazing on the wall!

Here is what some children in Room 20 had to say about our 'Up' inspired artwork:

Charlotte: I think it is a really good piece of art that shows how important it is to work together. My favourite part is the balloons because they are all unique.
Tad: My favourite part is the balloons because they are bright and colourful. It looks really cool now that it is all together.