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Wear PINK for anti-bullying and bring a gold coin donation to help the work being done all over New Zealand to get rid of bullying!

What is bullying? Having a shared understanding of bullying is important so that everyone - students, teachers, school leaders, whānau and wider community - can consistently recognise and deal with bullying when it happens.

Whether bullying is physical, verbal, or social (relational), four widely-accepted factors can be used to identify it:

  • Bullying is deliberate - harming another person intentionally
  • Bullying involves a misuse of power in a relationship
  • Bullying is usually not a one-off - it is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated over time
  • Bullying involves behaviour that can cause harm - it is not a normal part of growing up.

Bullying can happen anywhere, in person or online (cyberbullying), at any time, and can be verbal, physical or social (relational). It can be obvious or hidden.
Please contact your child's teacher in the first instance if you feel there are any issues to address.