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Junior Netball

Paula Snowball —

Our Year 1 and 2 netballers have been enjoying playing netball on Monday after school this term. The Milford Year 1 and 2 girls displayed some great passing, moving and catching skills. They worked hard at shooting goals and played really well as a team. They even helped out the other team who were short of a player, with one of the Milford team playing for them. Great effort girls, you were awesome!! A big thanks to coach Adam Hay.

The best thing about netball is when we get to see who gets the medal.


I love everything about netball. My dad is the best coach I think, because he makes it fun. Zoe
Netball is fun. I like shooting goals. This is my first year playing and I love it. Jasmine
I like playing the netball. I love running to get the ball and playing with my friends. Elise
I have just started school and I play netball. I like playing with my sister, ZoeLexi
I have been playing netball since last year. We kind of won on Monday because the Milford players scored all the goals for both teams!! It's fun because the teams are evenOlivia