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Room 16 Unit of Inquiry

Beverley Smith —

As part of our Unit of Inquiry on "How we organise ourselves", we've been observing the tadpoles in the tank in Room 16, and noticing what they need so they can grow and develop into frogs. One of the lines of inquiry into the unit is "Decisions and actions that humans take have an impact on (native) animals and their environment."

On Tuesday we visited the school garden to see the leafcutter bees in their nests. When we got back to the classroom, we discussed what the leafcutter bees need to survive, how they help the environment, and how humans affect their survival. The Year 1 students will now each choose an endangered New Zealand animal to complete their own mini inquiry.
Room 16 would like to thank Mrs Palmer and her husband for helping us take care of our tadpoles and frogs.