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Reflective learners in Room 11

Grant Arendse —

To end our Who We Are unit, the students in Room 11 used the Learner Profile Attribute of Reflective to reflect on their habits and their identity. We first discussed how our habits play an important role in forming who we are and that reflecting on our habits can help us better understand ourselves, and our identity. We also spoke about how having positive habits can help us reach our goals.

Students then picked 3 words to describe who they are (identity), reflected on their actions that give them that identity (habits), and the results of these habits. Two questions they were also encouraged to think about were: What type of person do you want to be? Do your current habits assist you in reaching your goal or are they holding you back?

I was very impressed with their insight and ability to reflect on themselves. Have a look at the reflections of Ruby, Victoria, Noah, Phoebe, and Nicholas.