Hero photograph
Photo by Sam Gilchrist

Room 19's Visual Pēpeha

Ellen von Collas —

Across the school, children have been learning their pēpeha. This is a formal introduction in te reo Māori which tells the audience important landmarks for them or their ancestors, where their ancestors are from, where they are from, as well as introducing their own family. For Māori, it also tells the audience of their tribe, respected elders of their tribe, and their marae. This is a great way for people to make connections with each other.

In Room 19, as a way to help the children make connections between the Māori words of their pepeha and what they mean, each child created a visual pēpeha in the form of a concertina-style book. As the children read their pēpeha, their audience is able to view the images that relate to that part of the pēpeha. They have put a lot of effort into creating, decorating and learning their pēpeha, including the correct pronunciation. I am very proud of them. Please enjoy viewing a few of the photos of their beautiful work. Tino pai to mahi, Room 19!