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How Does IB PYP Prepare Our Learners for the Future?

Sara Baker —

A recent study from NZCER, has found that "young people who feel their voice is valued more regularly engage in their education and positively contribute to society (Harré, 2007; Hathcock & Dickerson, 2015; Hodson, 2014; Rosas, 2010). See link below

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This paper explores student activism in the New Zealand context. At the primary school level, from Years 0 to 6, our learners at Milford School are engaged in inquiry through the PYP units of inquiry. In each unit, there is an ACTION component, where learners think about, and act on, ways they can contribute to the good of their families, their school, their community, country and the world, in age appropriate ways. Starting small and working up through the PYP means that our students learn to value themselves as contributing members of society, with the knowledge and means to take action on different topics and issues.

This is the embodiment of our school's goal of our learners being "Empowered to learn and achieve".