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Head Held High - Speech and Drama 🎬

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In an ever-changing and fast-paced, technology-addicted world, it can be difficult to guesstimate what skills our children need in order to prepare them for an uncertain future.

However, there is a bedrock set of skills that have always been essential throughout history, and will continue to be for all generations to come. That is; the skills that give us the ability to communicate, to be creative, and to have a grounded sense of self-confidence.

In a nutshell this is exactly the family of skills that Head Held High speech and drama lessons are designed to develop.

At Head Held High we use hundreds of fun games and imaginative scenarios in our lessons, to teach conversation skills, confident body language, respect for ourselves and others, how to relate positively to peers and adults, public speaking skills, good manners, and harnessing creativity. All blended into a programme that all types of students love and have fun being a part of!

In addition to all of the above, Head Held high students also have the opportunity to gain globally recognised qualifications by sitting Trinity College of London or NZ Speech Board examinations.

Lessons are at St George's Community Centre after school on Wednesdays, between 3 .30 pm - 7 pm. Lessons are 30-45min long dependent on the age of the student.

To enrol for your no-obligation trial lesson simply visit:

Head Held High

Or, if you’ve got questions, we’re happy to answer them! Simply email, janita@headheldhigh.co.nz