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Machine Muscle Makes the Mahi Manageable

Ellen von Collas —

Big sticks have been piling up in the compost area. They usually take AGES to break down into usable compost, so we pulled out our mighty mulching machine to give us a bit more muscle on the job. Mrs Sommers and Mrs von Collas were grateful to Harry and Cavallo from the Hive, our star helpers who helped to feed the sticks into the machine. We had to be careful those pesky sticks didn't whip us as they jiggled and wiggled their way down the mulcher. We were also very careful to keep our hands out of the machine.

Good compost is the life force of growing our vegetables, flowers and other plants around the school. We make it using grass clippings, green garden waste, bokashi (fermented food waste), fruit and vegetable scraps, paper, dry leaves, mulched sticks and water. It all gets mixed together then left to break down naturally. We look forward to welcoming back some of our regular compost club members next week so we can power our way through the pile.