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Overdue Library books from 2021

Tracye Erikson —

Kia Ora Parents. I know that there are some overdue library books from last year that may have “disappeared” during the long lockdown. Please do not be overly concerned if your child has misplaced this 2021 book at this stage. These records have been left on their library account at this time so that if they are found, it can be easily placed back into the system. If you know for certain that the book(s) are lost, I will be quite happy to issue a replacement invoice to you by the end of the term.

If there are any books that may have been misplaced this year, it would be appreciated that a thorough search is made at home. I will also be checking the library in case some have made it back to school and have accidentally been returned without being scanned. Sometimes this happens when younger children especially, bring them back and put them back onto the shelves without scanning or telling anybody. Our student Library Assistants are doing a great job searching shelves when necessary for lost books. 

If you would like to ask any more questions, please email tracye.eriksen@milford.school.nz