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Upcoming Second Hand Uniform Sale

Admin —

We will be having our next 2nd Hand Uniform Sale next Saturday, 14 May from 10.00-11.00am outside the junior block, opposite the Courts.

Used Uniforms Donations Welcome!
Please drop off to the office, any good 2nd hand uniform (no major wear or tears) that you would like to donate. All proceeds are used for FOMS Grants, i.e. to buy picnic tables, musical instruments, etc.

HELPERS NEEDED for 2nd Hand Uniform Sales

We need your help! Sales are usually held twice a term. Let us know if you can help with:

  • Pre-Sale (a few hours a term to sort and label clothes)
  • Sales (approx. 1 hour)

If you think you can help, or you have any questions, please email admin@milford.school.nz