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Sara Baker —

The length of the current lockdown is something we, as parents, have not experienced before, and with the vast majority of children unable to attend school, here are some sites and articles that may help you over the next few weeks.

 Ways to Build Resilient Kids - Resilience is a trait we all need. Especially when this year hasn’t been easy. But it’s been a real-life exercise in the power of resilience, especially now that lockdown fatigue has well and truly set in. Whenever our whanau, especially our kids, face setbacks or difficult times, being resilient is what can help them bounce back. Read more to understand and develop resilience in our children. Sourced from Kidz Therapy

- Mental Health Foundation: Wellbeing for Parents and Whanau - stress, wellbeing and hauora, working from home, this lockdown has been hard on parents and children. Read more about taking care of yourself and others. Mental Health Foundation

- Five Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset - sourced from Kidz TherapyThe Mental Health Foundation provides a source of advice and contacts for those struggling through lockdown. Stay in touch with friends and family, go for that outdoor playdate or picnic, or phone a help line to assist you. See the 'Support Myself' page. 

Two other links with important and helpful information are: Kids Health and the Ministry of Health website. Remember we take care of others well when we take care of ourselves first.