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STEAM Power-Ed

Paula Snowball —

A few of our Year 6 tamariki were lucky enough to attend a STEAM Power-ed workshop at Westlake Girls High School on Thursday, with some of our other Kāhui Ako schools. A group of Year 9 and Year 13 girls, dressed as astronauts, led the students through an exciting science and technology event. The leaders explained that our ancestors were pioneers and navigated using the stars and now it was their turn as the future generation to navigate through the stars.

They got to use VEX robots to help build a human colony on Mars, they explored a martian habitat using the VR headsets, they landed an astronaut (an egg!) safely on Mars and some got to use a sphero to navigate through martian terrain.
It was a very exciting and engaging workshop that helped develop skills in creativity, communication and problem solving, in a real-world context. The Westlake Girls were highly organised and supportive. It was great to also see some ex Milford pupils in these leadership roles.Our Milford tamariki loved the experience and were very thankful. 

I really enjoyed the egg drop as it got us to work as a team to figure out how to land the astronaut/egg safely. The other activity was a coding type thing like the game Operation. When you used the tweezers to retrieve organs, you would code the holes to make different noises. The Westlake Girls were fun, energetic and really supportive. Yay, I loved it!