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Student's Achievement

Bev Boyd —

We would like to congratulate Seth Bird from Room 5 who has just had his writing accepted to be published in the next Toitoi publication. Toitoi is a journal for Young NZ Writers and Artists aged between 5 and 13. Well done Seth! Below is his writing:

The Predator
A low growl could be heard, a rumble that came from deep within
the predator like a distant storm approaching.
With milky grey eyes like miniature moons, the snow leopard began
to prowl stealthily out of the tall grass. With each gentle footstep
he got closer to his prey, camouflaged and silent as the leopard
looked on to his meal.
Little did the Marmot know that he was soon going to be digested
by the snow leopard. Eager to leap forward the leopard made its
move, he pounced out the long itchy grass onto the pebblestones.
The marmot watched helplessly as the leopard without any
hesitation jabbed his front teeth into him, dinner was served.