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Wise Owl versus Cheeky Monkey

Ellen von Collas —

Who will win in the challenge of conflict resolution - will it be Cheeky Monkey or Wise Owl?

Last week the Year 3 students enjoyed our visit to Harold the giraffe's Life Education caravan. Jenni showed us that our brain is the size of four fists put together. She told us how different parts of the brain are in charge of different things in our body. When we are in tricky situations, the Cheeky Monkey part of our brain REACTS automatically. This often makes problems bigger. Jenni taught us, with Harold's help, that if we stop, breathe in and breathe out slowly to calm ourselves first, we can engage the Wise Owl thinking part of our brain that helps us RESPOND. This usually helps to make problems smaller, or even make them go away completely. We also learnt the difference between being an UPSTANDER and a BYSTANDER and how important it is to stand up for others.

We loved the colourful lights in the caravan. We were able to reach up and grab a star to keep in our pockets for when situations are really tricky. We can take out our star and practice some star breathing to help us feel calm again. Have a look at the photos to see if you can see which ones show us taking oxygen, breathing out slowly, or having a snack to increase our energy levels.