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Newsletter: Term 4, Week 2

2022 Term Dates

Term 1 Wednesday 2 February - Thursday 14 April
Term 2 Monday 2 May - Friday 8 July
Term 3 Monday 25 July - Friday 30 September
Term 4 Monday 18 October - Thursday 15 December   


Principal's Message

by Sue Cattell

Tena koutou katoa. Thank you so much for the positive messages coming through about the way the teachers have planned and communicated the distance learning over these past weeks. While it’s not always plain sailing, we are navigating the ebbs and flows together and it is heartwarming to get these messages.

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TEAM and GROUP Photographs Now available to order

by Admin

Team and Group photos that were taken last term are now available to order. Please email Photolife directly for your keycode. See below for details.

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by Admin

Thank you so much to all the parents and school supporters who have saved Yummy Stickers and sent them into school. If you have any completed sheets at home, please drop them into the school letterbox or bring them in to school next week so they can be tallied. Every sticker counts and goes towards new sporting equipment for our school.

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Student's Achievement

by Bev Boyd

We would like to congratulate Seth Bird from Room 5 who has just had his writing accepted to be published in the next Toitoi publication. Toitoi is a journal for Young NZ Writers and Artists aged between 5 and 13. Well done Seth! Below is his writing:

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The Hive's Lockdown Letters

by Paula Snowball

Isn't this strange? Same streets and houses, same dogs and cats, same sky and same stars. But where are the people? Why are we not at school? This is Lockdown World! Instead of a school full of teachers and students we have screens. It will end soon though and we'll close down the screens and find people again. Some of the Year 2 children wrote a letter about what they have been doing and feeling during this lockdown and their hopes for the future.

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Year 6 Bubble of Fun!

by Danielle Nicholson

In Year 6, as a way of getting back into our distance learning, we thought it would be nice to share what we have been getting up to in our bubbles. Each class had Google Slides shared with them where we posted photos and captions of some of the fun activities we got up to over the holidays or in our bubble during lockdown.

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STEM Water Filter Challenge

by Morgan McKeen

This term in STEM we are focusing on one of our most important resources - water! Did you know that 785 million people do not have access to clean drinking water?! One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6) calls for access to safe and affordable drinking water for everyone.

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Room 9 Report

by Jessica Vader

Room 9 is excited to have Miss Damon, our student-teacher back for a few weeks. She has been teaching us lots of exciting lessons. Check out this cool screenshot from our maths lesson on Donuts and Decimals. We love donuts, decimals and we love Miss Damon!

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by Eugenie Middleton

Awards for: Best dance (individual or your bubble - get those mums and dads dancing). Best instrumental performance - solo or bubble. Best poetry or production snippet reading - how expressive can you be? Best original lockdown song - make up your own! Best singing performance - individual or bubble!

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by Sara Baker

The length of the current lockdown is something we, as parents, have not experienced before, and with the vast majority of children unable to attend school, here are some sites and articles that may help you over the next few weeks.

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Welcome to Term 4 and a Special Home Edition of Book Club!

by Admin

While we are currently schooling from home, Scholastics have created a special digital catalogue to help families stay inspired to read and learn. It's jam-packed with bonus Christmas pages and the best of the best books of 2021! This issue is available by viewing the catalogue online and placing an order on the LOOP platform. All orders will be delivered directly to the home!

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Skids - Online Tutoring during level 3

by Admin

Because we want to continue to engage with the children through this lockdown, Skids Milford will be offering these online tuition classes beginning term 4, while we are still in level 3.

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