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Photo by Sarah Macintosh


Sarah Macintosh —

We use Seesaw as a platform for sharing work with whānau and communicating between home and school. 

On Seesaw, students or teachers can take pictures, draw, record videos and so much more, to capture learning in a digital journal. 

It creates the perfect opportunity for you to comment on your child's work, discuss what they're learning at school and share in their learning together.

It is important that you sign up to the Seesaw Family app and be an active contributor to your child's journal. This feedback is valuable for your children to see. We often share parent comments with students so please ensure you comment on your child's work - they feel so special when we share these with them.

If you have any questions, please see your child's class teacher or email Sarah Macintosh on sarahm@mns.school.nz