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Message from Joyce

Belinda Campbell —


Some questions and answers that may be helpful:

Who do we advise if my child tests positive for COVID-19?

Please contact Belinda as soon as possible after you have been notified of a positive test result. reception@mns.school.nz or 04 388 6657.

My child has tested positive for COVID-19. What does this mean?

This will mean that your child will need to isolate for 10 days. All family members will be household contacts and will also need to isolate and test on Day 3 and 10.

A member of our household has tested positive. What does this mean?

This will mean that your child will be a household contact and will also need to isolate for 10 days and test on Day 3 and 10.

My child is in a class with a child that has tested positive for COVID-19?

In phase 3, your child no longer needs to isolate unless they have symptoms. You will need to monitor symptoms for 10 days.

What action does the school take when there is a positive case?

We will let families know when/if there is a positive case at MNS while it is manageable to do so. We will inform families of the Room number where the case has occurred. It's important that we maintain the privacy of our community members so we will not be naming families.

Do I need to provide anything before my child is able to return to school?

Positive cases and household contacts need to have a negative test before they can return to school. You do not need to send any proof to the school.


All children from year 4 up must wear a mask at school. It is up to families to provide a mask for their children. MNS has purchased masks for children who forget theirs or may have a mask that breaks during the day. The Ministry of Education has not provided schools with masks for children.

Please remember to always wear a mask when you are coming onto school grounds for drop off or pick up.


As our main entrance is inaccessible due to the upgrade, and as the spread of omicron increases even more, we will be staggering the time school finishes to reduce congestion at the other two entrances.

Starting this Thursday, there will be an option to collect your child from 2.45pm onwards from outside their class. Those children who are being collected at 3pm or who are walking or meeting their parents elsewhere will be released at the usual time. At all times, the safety of children will be at the forefront of our practices.

If you are collecting your child please wait on the field where the teacher can see you. Please do not stand on the verandah as this is where the children will be waiting.


Please look out for more information regarding our hybrid learning program to be used by children if or when they are isolating. We hope to have this out by the end of the week.


Weka St

Our driveway is taking shape. We will be looking for landscaping experts in our parent community to help us to design the many ‘terraces’!

Image by: Belinda Campbell