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Photo by Amanda Scott

Term 1 Inquiry

Amanda Scott —

Our people, our place - How can we be kaitiaki for our local area?

This year our inquiry is focused on our local area. We are starting the year by looking to the sea for inspiration.

Pōhutukawa students will be getting involved in the local Moanamana project as part of their inquiry into ‘Our people, our place’. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to be involved with some great organisations that will provide our students with engaging learning experiences based around the marine reserve.

This term students will be taking part in the ‘Experiencing Marine Reserves’ programme with Mountains to Sea Wellington education team. They will learn snorkelling skills at the pool and then participate in a guided field trip to Worser Bay to put these skills to use and explore the local marine life.

In class, our learning will support the programme delivered by Mountains to Sea Wellington. We will focus on scientific information texts and locating key information within them. In writing we will be delving into the meaning of the word ‘Kaitiakitanga’ and focus on what we can do to help our local environment. 

The start of school has been good as I have a new teacher and have been playing with my friends. So far I have really enjoyed doing our ‘quick write’ writing. George.

My start of school has been good because I’ve met new people in my class and I have a new teacher. I have really enjoyed doing our painting which we did to start off our self portrait artwork. Ellyse.

It has been really cool to get back into writing. I came up with the idea to write about how to protect our oceans from the perspective of a turtle. Hinemairangi

I enjoyed learning how to throw and catch when we learned about softball, because it is different to how you play cricket. Madeline