Hero photograph
Photo by Sarah Macintosh

What our students think about starting back at school!

Sarah Macintosh —

"I like the driveway. It's new. I like how it looks." Zayaan

"I love playing football. I do little practices." Arlo

"I like being back at school so I can see all my friends." Grace

"I like playing with my friends and playing on the playground." Rosie

"I get to play on the playground and I get to see my friends." Edward

"I can play with my friends." Ezra

"I love to play with my friends and do lots of fun stuff. I get to do writing. I love writing." Bridie

"I like playing with my friends. We play what they say" Kobe

"I like running around, learning and playing with my friends." Rory

"I like to play with Lulu." Goldie

"I get to play with the dollhouse." Hanvika

"I am learning. We made a class whare." Zion

"I like playing at the playground. I like the swinging bars." Winter