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Amanda Scott —

In Pōhutukawa the purpose for using Seesaw is to empower students to share and reflect upon their learning. The aim for students is to be able to articulate and reflect on their learning, grow from feedback and identify their next learning steps.

Seesaw enables students to become confident and capable users of being creators of digital content. By engaging with the ongoing information sharing process that Seesaw allows we hope that it will enhance learning conversations between you and your child.

Students will choose what they would like to post about each week. The posts are examples of their ‘real-time’ performance at school. Not every word or equation they chose to share may be correct, however over the year posts will show their progress in their learning and in their ability to reflect.

We understand that this may be a new format for some of you and if you are unable to view your child’s Seesaw account please let your child's teacher know. Class updates or reminders will be sent through Seesaw, whole syndicate information will still be sent to you via email. If you have any questions around Seesaw, or need clarification on anything please do not hesitate to contact us.