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Camp MNS 2024!


Our biennial camp for Year 5 and Year 6 students is a much-anticipated event on the school calendar. Next year camp will take place from 26th - 28th February 2024 at Kaitoke Outdoor Education Centre.

As the year is coming to an end, we are delighted to see our children growing and our year 4 children thriving in their last weeks in Kōwhai. In collaboration with the leadership team, we are working to provide a great opportunity for children who will be in Year 5, to learn outside of the classroom early next year at Camp Kaitoke. You would’ve received emails about the ins and outs of the camp and why we offer this experience for the children.

As a parent myself, when my son went to camp last year, I too was feeling a bit nervous about his first camp. We want to reassure you that our camp events have always been a pleasurable and rewarding experience for our children. There are special safety measures that are set up and risk analysis documentation all planned and ready to ensure the safety of our tamariki.

As the camp is happening early on in Term 1 next year, the Kōwhai teachers are involved in transitioning the students with appropriate documentation into their new syndicate. This is so teachers are well aware of children’s needs and strategies to help them to be successful. We know the year 4’s really well and offer valuable contributions when the planning of camp takes place.

The camp Kaitoke website has a safeguarding tab that links to their values and responsibilities that all staff are guided by.

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