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Lunch Orders

Belinda Campbell —

Bento Bowls is a new lunch order option coming soon to Miramar North School.  Check out www.thebentobar.com or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheBentoBarNZ

The Bento Bar is a Japanese-inspired lunch delivery service that provides 100% Gluten Free, hand-crafted, fresh and nutritious lunches to school kids. Designed to promote a balanced diet, our bento boxes are loaded with appetite-inducing ONIGIRI Rice Balls, tasty side dishes as well as colourful vegetables and fruits for an all-in-one lunch, so parents can be assured kids are getting the sustenance for healthy growth and enough fuel for their busy day!

Our BENTO comes in Small and Large sizes to fit your kid's appetite and there are vegetarian options. The bento can be pre-ordered through our website before 8am on a day to be confirmed. Bentos are cooked and assembled in the morning and dropped off at the school office to be collected by children.

For more details, go to TheBentoBar.com or contact Mana (mana@thebentobar.com)

We still have our existing Subway on Wednesday and Sushi on Thursday options, they are available for purchase through Kindo:  https://shop.tgcl.co.nz/shop/q2.shtml?shop=Miramar%20North%20School