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Sports News from Nick

Belinda Campbell —

On Wednesday this week we took a full team to the Eastern Zone Cross Country trials held at Scots College. While the weather was truly horrendous, the team performed really well indeed. We had runners in all our eligible races (Y4-6 boys and girls) and all the runners performed admirably in conditions that were about as difficult as it gets! There were lots of drenched and muddy, but very happy faces coming back into our team base after their races!

We had many runners secure spots in the upcoming Inter-Zones competition and we will have a full list posted soon. Special congrats go to Peyton Corkin for winning her Y5 Girls race!

A HUGE thank you to all the parents that braved the conditions and provided transport or helped out with the team - you were all fantastic.

Ngā mihi nui,


Here are some quotes from children:


'Cross Country was really fun and hard but I gave it my best and I did well in the end." - Maran

"Cross Country ended and we get to rest now. I was happy that I did my best and now I am going to Eastern Zones." - Hannah

"Cross country is challenging, we tried it and it is good because people try and it's good for physical health." - Ela

"I love cross country because I am fast and it's fun to run outside the school gate and get fresh air." - Yibu


Matt Rm 11 - It was tiring

Mackenzie Rm 10 - I came 3rd. It was good

Audrey Rm 10 - everybody cheered for me, even the office

Jamie - Rm 9 - my mum cheered for me and the kids cheered for me


Eli - I liked helping out

Clara - It was challenging but it was still really fun and I'm glad I did it and was there for it.

Sacha - Cross country was fun, but tiring which means it was fun! well done Mr o!

Kate - It was awesome feeling the breeze push you back when you went down the hill

Constance - Cross country was the best I want to do it again and again it was so much fun and I learned some new skills for my breathing and running

Blake - I was very nervous at first but when we started I wasn't as nervous. When I finished I was tired, but it was fun.

Evette - I felt really accomplished when I passed the finish line

Kiki - Cross country was so fun! Me and Kate held hands and we worked together to get to the finish line. I was nervous about times for Eastern zones. I am ready.

Pablo - I was nervous at first because the floor was very wet but when I started running and didn't slip and fall I got more confident, and in the end I came 3rd so YAY!

Harriet - Cross country is so much fun because when I passed the finish line I was so happy. I am also happy because I made it to Eastern Zones. I love cross country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cross Country!

By Olivia Lyons - Room 5

All of the Pōhutukawa syndicate is sitting down in front of room six on the veranda, talking. After a while everyone looks at Amanda and a couple of seconds later a weird noise comes from the courts. “That's our cue,” says Amanda. “Year six boys go to the courts to Mr. O.” Then all the year six boys rush to the courts. There's a loud “BANG” and the sound of pounding shoes on the ground. Everyone starts to cheer loudly and you can see the boys running around the field twice and up the stairs. Thirty seconds have gone past and the boys are running down the slope, hopefully getting sprayed by the sprinklers! Awaiting the runners next is the Miramar Rangers hill. Now that the last of the boys have passed there is a sudden silence. After it seems like forever the crowd goes wild with cheering, because the first year six boy comes across the field and is coming around the flagpole. Now the second one is coming and the third and so on.

The boys have now sat down and are puffing and asking what place they came. “ Year six girls, go to Mr. O” calls Amanda. The year six girls rush to the courts and line up on the start line. A loud “BANG” comes from the courts. This time you can't hear the sound of pounding feet but there is still cheering. Two times around the field and up the stairs they go, the cheering stopping as the girls go out of sight. Now the girls go down the slope and go up the Miramar Rangers hill. A couple of minutes pass and the first girl comes running past the goalpost and there’s so much cheering you couldn't hear yourself cheer! Soon the rest of the girls come around the flagpole and to the finish line. The girls sit down but don't ask what place they come, except for a couple.

“Year five boys go to the courts to Mr. O” Amanda calls again and they rush to the courts. “ BANG” goes M. O’s wood blocks, and again everyone starts cheering. And same as every time you can see them going around the field and up the stairs. And once again the cheering stops and silence starts. Now down the slope awaiting the hill. Just a little longer than a couple minutes have passed and a burst of cheering fills the steps. The first boy is running through the goalpost awaiting the flagpole and finish line. And so on with the others.

Once all the boys have sat down Amanda calls the year five girls to go down to the courts and they rush down to the courts. “BANG” goes Mr. O’s wood and the cheering starts again. And they start on their run. After a while you can see the first girl coming around the flagpole, and the crowd is cheering really loud. The rest of the girls are following close behind. Since all the girls have sat down, Amanda goes to call the year fours and the boys go and line up. “BANG” the blocks go again and everyone starts cheering. The year four boys are running around the field and going up the stairs. Five minutes pass and the first boy comes running around the flagpole and the crowd started cheering wildly.

“Year four girls go to the courts” calls Amanda once the year four boys sit down, and the girls jog to the courts. Another “BANG” and the cheering again as the girls start their run. Six to ten minutes pass and the first, second and third girls are coming around the flagpole to wild cheers. Once all the girls are back and have sat down. “Year three boys go to the courts” Amanda says. The loud “BANG” goes and the cheering starts as the year three boys go. When they’ve finished, the year three girls start their run. They run around the field and up the steps and then to the finish line. When the year threes have finished, the year two’s come out of their class and line up on the start line. The year two boys run and are followed by the year two girls. They run around the field twice, once around the courts and across the finish line. The year twos are followed by the year ones, who also come out of their class and line up along the line. The year ones run around the field once, around the court once and across the finish line. The boys go first and then the girls.

It was an awesome morning for cross country and everyone did great!